Lucy Hanson (1798-1879)

Lucy Hanson is Edwin Ruthven Clapp’s mother and my 4th Great Grandmother. She was born on January 10, 1798 in Deerfield Massachusetts to parents William Hoar and Persis Gunn.  How then did she have the name Hanson? In 1818, four years after her mother died, when Lucy was 20 years of age and just one year before her… Continue reading Lucy Hanson (1798-1879)

Shadrach Hoar (1743 – 1832)

Shadrach Hoar is my 6th Great Grandfather on the Forster side of our family. His Heritage is Puritan.  His Great Grandfather, Hezekiah arrived in the Massachusetts from England in 1634 as a single man of 26.  He married at age 45 and had eight children before his death at 85. Shadrach was born September 18, 1743 in… Continue reading Shadrach Hoar (1743 – 1832)