Samuel Wilson (1681 – 1762)

Samuel Wilson is my 6th Great Grandfather Another Quaker on the Forster side of our family. His parents brought him to America at age one.  The Home Visitor, a newspaper that published an article on him, states that in was on the “good ship Welcome”  with William Penn along with his 3 sisters and parents… Continue reading Samuel Wilson (1681 – 1762)

Richard Lundy (1654 – 1738)

Richard Lundy is my 7th Great Grandfather. He is another Quaker from my Forster ancestry.  Another of many religious refugees in our family. The connection to me is through Aaron Milton Forster my 2nd Great Grandfather.  Richard Lundy is 5 generations up Aaron’s maternal line. The text below comes DIRECTLY, without edit, from the book:… Continue reading Richard Lundy (1654 – 1738)